Association Meeting & Event Planners
Face-to-face meetings are on the rise at associations nationwide. With that in mind, no one has to tell you that associations will spend billions of dollars THIS YEAR on shows, member meetings and educational conferences.
These are the three vital questions that you'll need answers to in this market:
  1. How can I identify national and state associations planning the types of meetings and events right for my venue or services?
  2. How can I target the people within the associations who are directly responsible for choosing locations and hotels and planning the meetings?
  3. How I connect directly with these decision-makers – via mail, phone and even their direct business email?
Now, there’s ONE resource that makes it faster and easier to get ALL the answers you need to generate leads, create custom mailing lists and close sales: The Association Meeting Planners CD Directory

This CD edition is the most powerful meeting planner lead generation database available today! You’ll have instant access to more association meetings and more contact information than have ever been covered before so you'll have more opportunities to go after new business. Order your CD today!
Here’s just a summary of all that's included!
  • COMPREHENSIVE! Details on over 19,000 state and national associations that hold meetings (over 2,000 added NEW just this year) –a “window” into each association gives you the background you need to craft strong proposals and RFP responses and to craft the right message for specific meeting planners.
  • EFFICIENT! Pre-qualification criteria — organized in a way that makes it easy to find, you’ll find details on size, geography, or other criteria you need to pre-qualify association prospects for exactly the venue, property or service you offer.
  • TARGETED! Over 45,000 association meeting executives – so you can focus your time, resources, and message on the people who will actually make the decisions regarding venue, hotel, products and services for each conference, educational session or member meeting.
  • EXCLUSIVE! Phone and direct mail contact information for 45,000 meeting and event planners – No more getting stopped by “gatekeepers!” You can connect directly with the right person for every upcoming gathering of interest.
  • EXCLUSIVE! Phone and direct mailing addresses for 45,000 meeting and event planners – No more getting stopped by “gatekeepers!” You can connect directly with the right person for every upcoming gathering of interest. *Emails can be rented at .30 per contact, for a three time use.

Create targeted campaigns on a budget!
Save money by creating your own phone and mailing lists all year. The provides meeting planner contact information all in a fully searchable, sortable format. You can download custom lists whenever you wish to create highly targeted mail and phone lists for all your campaigns. Each CD contains a fully searchable, comma-delimited data file that can be imported and used with most database or data management applications including: ACT, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, dBase, Goldmine and more!

Ready-to-Use Lead Generation
Association Meeting and Event Planners CD Directory  makes an immediate contribution to the lead generation strategy and tactics for anyone seeking to speak at events or to promote a destination, hotel, resort, or services for meetings and meeting planners.  Quickly reference profiles alphabetically, by location and acronym.
Don’t wait, order your copy today to start promoting your venues, products and services to key association meeting contacts.
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